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Welcome to Pinstriping Steve Chaszeyka’s Home School Pinstriping Course

The course will provide you basic through advance techniques of instruction. I have developed this course with the beginner and intermediate pinstriper in mind. I am going to show you the tricks that I have used and developed over the years that have made me successful as a full time pinstriper and graphic artist in this growing field.

I have noticed many who are floundering and struggling to make advancement because of just not knowing what to do next in the attempt to advance their styles and for this reason I am compiling and sharing my experience in a concise and understandable way. This should eliminate guesswork. These exercises are arranged in order from the very basic to the very difficult. Once you have mastered the basic techniques, you will be ready to move on quickly to the more advanced sessions.

You will learn how to use a variety of brushes, rollers and other materials to maneuver your paint to achieve amazing and beautiful pinstriping, graphics, and even backgrounds. This will make your work look much more interesting while increasing your profits as well as establishing you as a masterful and artistic pinstriper.

My advice is that you take the course from start to finish as it is a PROGRESSIVE course of study. Skipping through to advanced techniques will leave you lacking in many respects, including brush control and color theory which will be developed progressively during each session.

Thank you for your support and interest in this course of study. I am sure you will grow quickly and enjoy each session. Take your time. By doing these drills you will advance to the next level as well as fill your mind with dozens of new techniques and ideas. Unleash your creativity while learning. Who knows, YOU might invent some new techniques beyond the ones you learn here. Have fun!

NOTE - Before each lesson is a “materials” list for each project and a paint recommendation. Please adhere to these as they are carefully designed to introduce you to proper tools for each subsequent project. By familiarizing yourself with these tools, you will advance your skill level proportionately.

Steve Chaszeyka Home School Graphics Study Course Materials List

Substrates - You will need material to paint on. I first recommend you look at "Elemental Panels" these are white and give you a two sided practice board. There is also the "COMPBOND" board. I use these on many of the practice panels and they are very inexpensive. You can call "Harbor Supplies" at 800-345-1712 and have them cut a 4' x 8' piece into any amount of pieces suited to your specifications. I prefer the 6" x 24" pieces. I have a 4' x 8' cut and delivered to my door for around $65. This yields 64 pieces of 6" x 24". That’s around $1 apiece, and you get two sides.

I strongly recommend you look into TnT Panels (919) 938-2827. (OR on facebook) These will be awesome for display pieces once you master these techniques. TnT Panelz are painted steel panels with a rolled edge suitable for trading, displaying, or hanging in a museum with your amazing artwork adorning them! Please consider these for the second half of the course for your advanced techniques.

Paints- Most of you have "One-Shot" enamels already. If not you should acquire the entire set, including pearls for these demonstrations. You can contact "Coast Airbrush" in Anaheim California at 714-635-5557 and purchase these materials. You should also consider "Axalta Hot Hues" for urethanes for the clearcoat panels. Although "One-Shot" can be cleared it is higher risk and I do not guarantee the results of clearcoating this enamel product. You can also look at House of Kolor urethanes or Kustom Shop as well. These are available at Coast Airbrush. (for One Shot paints you should use 6001 reducer from One Shot, however, any commercial Mineral Spirits will work. For Urethanes, you will need to buy the brands Hardner and some commercially available Urethane reducer from your local jobber.

Clearcoat - I have had tremendous success with Spray-Max Glamour clear coat. It is available from Randy at (330) 417-6613. It sells for about $25 or $27 per can. It can cover several panels. My recommendation is to wait till you have four or five panels to clear, then do them all at once. This is a catalyzed product and won't last long once you have "hit the button" to activate. This is explained in the end of the first lesson.

Brushes- Mack Brush Company- 517-849-9272. The Pinstriping brush I recommend is the Mack series 10- although you may choose to experiment with any Sword-style brush you like. (Mack only) Scroll brushes should be my Vortex or Black Widow available at Mack Brush also. You need a 162 blender for many of the projects. Buy the 1" and the 3/4" to be safe. You will also need a "spatter" brush- a cheap, hog-hair bristle to make the spatter techniques. I have used tooth brushes, or any rough craft store brush with the stiff hair approximately 1" long and 1/2 "wide.

Safety Materials- Latex gloves are a must when spattering. You will need a spray mask with charcoal filters when airbrushing and a ventilated work space exhausting fumes from the area. Eye guards for the spatter aren’t a bad idea either. Protective clothing such as long sleeves will keep solvents from getting on your skin. These materials are toxic and should not be ingested into the lungs, eyes, or skin at any time. Keep children away from the workspace AT ALL TIMES!

Blades- "Xacto" knives are used to remove stencils, for cutting and taping and for creating unique masks for some projects. Keep out of reach when not in use. I use scalpels on occasion but Xacto blades on a steel handle will do just fine.
You will need "transfer tape" if you are cutting these templates on your own plotter, but if you are having a commercial sign shop cut these for you, they will provide this.

Masking tape- 3/4" masking tape available through Coast Airbrush or your local automotive paint supplier will be needed to cover panels when painting. Masking techniques are demonstrated in video for panels. 2", though expensive, comes in handy for quick coverage of some areas.
Measuring tape, ruler is needed for centering artwork as well as "stabilo" pencils for marking center lines. (again, Coast Airbrush) (roughly $1 apiece and will last through both halves of the course. Buy white AND blue)

Gold size - available from any sign supply outlet or Coast Airbrush. I recommend "fast size, small can" "One Shot"brand.
1oz cups available from CAPP Enterprises, Box of popsicle sticks to stir paint mixtures. Clean cotton rags (available at Sherwin Williams paint stores, garage sales, etc.) (Old cotton T-Shirts will do fine) NOT Terry cloth or polyester material. Not paper towels.

I am providing the 10 lesson course for Beginners.

After the payment is made you will get a reciept with a hyperlink that will take you to the download page with two templates files.

The templates files ar in eps format or AI format. Your local sign shop can turn these into patterns that we will use for the various projects. I recommend having them cut several of each so that you can practice this more than once and with more than one technique. If you have ten templates, and 10 techniques, that’s 100 different combinations you have at your disposal! I recommend just a couple for practice, then when you acquire a customer, measure the size you need and have them cut individually. (NOTE- DO NOT ALLOW THE SIGN SHOP TO COPY AND PASTE YOUR TEMPLATES!!!! - YOU HAVE PAID FOR THESE AND OWN THEM- IF HE COPIES THEM, YOU ARE NO LONGER COMPETITIVE- HE CAN SELL THEM TO YOUR COMPETITION AND THERE GOES YOUR EDGE!)

I am providing beginning techniques for the beginner in the first half of the course- however you will need these to complete the second half of the course (the INTERMEDIATE TO ADVANCED COURSE) Please understand these inside out before moving on.


The second half of the course will consist of 10 intermediate to advanced lessons and will require that you know and understand the precepts laid out in this beginner course. I recommend that you do not skip ahead to second half of course without completing the first half. Materials and course description for second half of the course will be available shortly. Keep an eye out for my Live Feeds (Monday nights, randomly, on FaceBook- as I will be discussing this course live and describing and showing panels from both parts of the course)



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